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Welcome to our Survive or Thrive Business Assessment Page!

When times are good and sales are growing it seldom comes to an owner's mind that there might be something holding the business back from its true growth potential. On the other hand, when times are rough and sales seem to be stagnant it seldom comes to an owner's mind that there are real strengths in the business that can be taken advantage of for accelerated growth.

Whether in good times or bad, it is imperative that business owners understand and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of their business. It's imperative that there be constant vigilance on the part of the owner to make sure his or her business is always positioned for consistent growth.

We've developed our own customized assessment tools - one for the Specialty Bicycle Retail Channel, and one for the Specialty Outdoor Retail Channel - that will allow retailers to gain valuable insight into their businesses across the entire spectrum - systems, finances, operations, recruiting and hiring, ownership/management, store environment, marketing/promotion, and customer service.

We are pleased to offer four levels of service:

Level I. Self-Assessments:

        If you just need to know where you stand compared to your peers and competitors then this is for you. We will send you a link to our online assessment and you will be able to take the assessment where and when you are most comfortable. Once you've completed the assessment, we will be notified by our system and after a quick quality control check send you your scores. Base Price $175

Level II. GTG Assessments and Recommendations:

        This level is for those retailers who see the advantage of doing the assessment and gaining an independent third-party point of view. Once you complete the online assessment and we conduct our quality control check, we will analyze your scores and prepare a customized report with detailed recommendations that are based on your individual results. Base Price $395

Level III. GTG Consultations:

        This is a combination of Levels I and II but also includes two one-hour conference call consultations with a GTG senior partner. Base Price $999

Level IV. On-site Evaluations and Consultations:

This is our full-on personalized service where our senior partners will visit your store(s), meet with the owners, managers, and staff to evaluate your total business and present our findings and recommendations for improvements. This typically takes two days depending on the size of the business being evaluated. Larger retailers will require longer visits.

Base Price $2,999 (1 partner) or $4,999 (2 partners)

If you would like to sign up for our Survive or Thrive Business Assessment tool, please contact us.

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