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Innovation Marketing Systems (www.ims3k.com)
IMS is a leading provider of digital display hardware, software, and content solutions for convenience stores, specialty retailers, and hospitals. Their newest product offering is The Bike Channel - customized content for specialty bicycle retailers. The Gluskin Townley Group LLC acts as business consultants and sales agents for IMS products and services nationwide.

Willow Creek Consultants (www.willowcc.com)
Willow Creek Consultants is a leading provider of recruiting and management assistance to a variety of companies and industries. In 2000, they became a strategic business partner with Profiles International and today offer a myriad of hiring assessment tools that enable companies to effectively and efficiently manage their hiring activites. The Gluskin Townley Group LLC is the exclusive provider of hiring assessments to the bicycle and outdoor industries. Together, Willow Creek and GTG created a customer service professional job assessment specific to the bicycle industry.

Market Viewpoint (www.marketviewpoint.com)
Market Viewpoint is a leader in all aspects of market research but specializes in mystery shopping - creating customized programs based on our clients' needs and goals. The information they collect helps us and our clients make informed business decisions. They act as one of our primary research vendors when we conduct customer experience surveys, brand awareness and merchandising, competitive analysis and sales education projects for specialty retailers and suppliers.

VendorLink-Cycling (www.vlcycling.com)
VendorLink-Cycling is a Smart Data service that helps in increasing specialty bicycle retailer and supplier operational efficiency by provding vendors with the real-time demand that drives specialty bicycle retailers' daily businesses. By delivering real-time, daily data on what consumers are buying everyday, VendorLink-Cycling fundamentally alters the nature of collaboration between suppliers and specialty bicycle retailers.

Tahler & Associates (www.tahlerassociates.com)
Tahler and Associates, LLC, started in 2005, has assisted over 50 clients in Best Business Practices, strategic planning, complete business improvement strategies and organizational improvements. Using his 30+ years of extensive experience in retail, sales training, management, product development as well as corporate responsibility, Norm Tahler brings his entrepreneurial and multiple business owner experience to his clients. His philosophy is client centered, geared to individual circumstances and business realities.

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