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What exactly is mystery shopping, and why is it so important? It depends on who you ask.

For a retailer, it provides insight into the total customer experience. This experience may start with a shopper making a phone call into your organization requesting information. Does your staff demonstrate good telephone etiquette? Do they possess superior product knowledge? Are they polite, courteous and welcoming? When visiting your store will the shopper find the products they are looking for? Did the salesperson make the shopper comfortable? Was the overall environment clean and uncluttered? Did the sales associate invite the customer to make the purchase?

Mystery shopping informs the retailer how he stacks up in product selection, store environment, pricing, and customer service against his brick-and-mortar competition, be it a mass merchant like Wal-Mart, a full-line sporting goods retailer like Dick's Sporting Goods, or another specialty bicycle retailer down the street.

The key is that, whether in good economic times or bad, consumers are always looking for the best shopping experience they can find and will reward that retailer with repeat business for a long time. Will you as a retailer make the grade?

For a brand supplier that relies on the retail channel, mystery shopping is a great way to understand how their products are viewed within the retail environment - by themselves or against competing brands and products. It also helps with pricing policies, brand awareness, and merchandising. Providing our brand suppliers with product performance and competitive intelligence, allows our brand suppliers to make informed strategic decisions in today's marketplace.

The Gluskin Townley Group LLC has been offering mystery shopping programs since 2005. Using the latest methodologies and techniques, we design our programs to be affordable and turnkey. Below is our pricing structure - and we'd be happy to discuss custom pricing options.

  1-9 Shops 10-19 Shops 20-29 Shops 30-39 Shops 40-49 Shops 50+ Shops
Supplier $200 each $190 each $180 each $170 each $160 each $150 each
Retailer $185 each $175 each $165 each $155 each $145 each $135 each

If you're interested in learning more about our mystery shopping programs, please contact us.

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