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In working with specialty bicycle retailers, we have found that one of the biggest challenges owners and managers face is hiring the right people for the right reasons.

Here is a very important question for you: If you know an employee was reliable and trustworthy, had a good work ethic, "fit" the job, had the basic skills and traits vital to job success and enjoyed the job, would that make it easier to grow your business?

A guaranteed way to get the answer to this and other questions before you make a hiring decision is our Hiring Smart program, and the investment you make is several hundred dollars to have quick and reliable answers to your hiring questions - with huge ROI to your business!

Here's why it's important, and ultimately more profitable for you to hire smart:

  • Turnover is a major expense... at the rate of $250 per lost employee per week in lost profit!
  • Traditional hiring methods are not effective... it takes an average of 10 weeks to fill a position!
  • You must be able to see the total person you are planning to hire.
  • People must be a match for their job or they will be miscast and end up costing you customers and business.

Since 2008, we have been working with Willow Creek Consulting on delivering a Hiring Smart suite of services that help specialty retailers maximize their hiring decisions while minimizing their effort and expense.

We've also helped develop a customized job assessment specifically to help bicycle retailers find customer service professionals that can engage with and provide an excellent experience to an ever-demanding consumer.

What Is Hiring Smart?

It is a systematic hiring process that will increase your probability of making a good hiring decision from 1 in 3 to better than 8 in 10!

For the typical cost of a few hundred dollars per job candidate, you'll avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce your employee turnover and increase your profits.

This systematic hiring process includes:

  • Recruitment - and why you should recruit all the time and before you have a vacancy.
  • Job descriptions - completely understand what you are recruiting for.
  • Step One Survey II - a 20-minute online assessment that is highly accurate in predicting critical work behaviors.
  • First interview tips and techniques.
  • Avert background screening prior to Job Matching or a second interview.
  • Job Matching - a one-hour online comprehensive assessment followed by a second interview and suggested questions along with a coaching report if you hire the candidate.

Using the complete Hiring Smart systematic hiring process has been identified as critical to growing your business through extraordinary customer service and a totally satisfying retail shopping experience for your customers.

Your return on investment for the typical cost of a few hundred dollars per job candidate will be extraordinary by any measure. With a staff of professionals and high employee retention rate your additional investment in training and education will be powerfully effective for your business growth, your revenue and your profitability going forward!

Are you ready to begin? Then visit our contact form and ask us to schedule a teleconference to discuss your needs.

Still need to learn more? Then click here to read "The 7-Steps Towards Taking the Guesswork Out Of Hiring Top Performers" written by Steve Wilson, founder of Willow Creek Consulting.

You can also learn about our other offerings within the Hiring Smart suite by clicking here.

Finally, here are some important numbers to keep in mind:

  • "Chances are good that up to 66 percent of your company's hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first twelve months," says management guru Peter Drucker.
  • An analysis of 15 independent turnover cost studies conservatively calculates that the cost to replace an $8/hour employee is $5,505! And that doesn't include intangibles like lost customers, low morale or reduced productivity.
  • According to research reported in Harvard Business Review, without job matching...
    • 46% of new hires will quit or be fired after 6 months,
    • 57% will quit or be fired after 14 months.
  • Those companies that follow the 7-Steps approach to hiring will achieve a Return on Investment of $11 for every $1 spent.

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