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   YE2013 Import/Export Report ($1,499)
   2014 Import/Export Quarterly Reports ($2,499)
   American Bicyclist Report: The U.S. Used Bicycle Market in 2013 ($1,249)
   American Bicyclist Report: The Metro Urban Cyclist in 2013 ($1,499)
   American Bicyclist Report: The Generations in 2012 ($1,499)
   American Bicyclist Report: The Cycling Consumer in 2012 ($1,499)
   American Bicyclist Report: The Retail Landscape in 2012 ($1,499)

Webinars (Podcasts available for $39-$49 each)

The New Era of Bike Shop Retailing
   New Wave Bike Shops...Leading the New Fourth Era in Bike Shop Retailing!
   Why Bike Shop Owners Have No Real Choice But to Change!
   How Bike Shops Can Master the Consumer Path to Purchase!
   Is the New Era of Retail the End of Wholesale?
   Changing Everything…and Creating an Opportunity!
   Embracing the Retailing Basics that Thrive on Change!
   The Research Data That May Be the Cannery In The Coal Mine!
   How to Bring Back the Storeless, the Skeptical and the Offended!
   U.S. Bicycle Market Overview 2014 and a Look at 2015!
   It's Easy to Get Angry at Suppliers – What's Harder is Facing Reality!
   Providing Individual Solutions, Enjoyable Shopping Experiences and Creating Customer’s for Life!
   A Forecast for the Next Five Years – On the Road to 2020!

Customer Driven Retailing Series
   Retailing in the U.S. is Undergoing Transformational Change
   Consumer Communities of Interest are Emerging as a Major Force in the New Normal Marketplace
   Consumer Behavior Drives Bike Shop Success
   Making Online Retailers and Bar Code Reading Apps Irrelevant to Bike Shop Customers
   Bike Shops Need More Customer Knowledge
   Using the Power of Digital Communications with Bike Shop Customers
   Rise of Generation Y - The Bike Shop Customers of 2020!
   Understanding American Generations to Grow Your Business

The American Bicyclist Study Series
   How Retail Channels Differ: A View from Your Customers
   2012 - 2020: Planning the Experience!
   Attracting Shoppers That Normally Wouldn't Come In Your Bike Shop
   Crafting Individual Bicycling Lifestyle Solutions
   The Bike Shop Consumer Shopping Experience...Has To Change!
   Bicycling is Evolving...But Bike Shops Aren't!
   Stop Pink-Washing...Women are the New Majority!
   Becoming Multichannel is All About Them. Not You!
   A Peek at the Bike Shop of the Future!
   The Evolving Bike Shop Retail Landscape: 1945-2020
   The American Bicyclist 2013 (February 2014)
   The Metro Urban Cyclist (March 2014)
   We Don't Talk About the Dropouts! (May 2014)
   Trends Beyond 2020 (June 2014)
   What If It's Not Just the Weather? (August 2014)
   Perception is Too Close to Reality (September 2014)

Operational Excellence Series
   Operational Excellence
   Service Department Layout & Management
   Financing: The Power to Drive Profits!
   Embracing & Managing Change
   Product Demonstrations: Leading to Greater Sales
   Making Your Store THE Brand
   Hiring Smart
   How to Deal With Internet Competition
   Holiday Season Retail Tips (November 2014)

Mastering the Basics Series
   Changing Your Bike Shop's Strategy (January 2014)
   Hanging Out The Welcome Sign...And Really Mean It! (April 2014)
   Following the Phillips Rule! (July 2014)
   Understanding Your Market Space (October 2014)

Market Overview Series
   2012 Market Report - Where's The Bike Boom?
   Market Overview 2013 - One Year Closer to 2020!
   Bicycle Market Overview - What Will 2014 Look Like?
   What Will 2015 Look Like? (Available in December 2014)

I would like to receive a free copy of the following:

   Taking the Mystery Out Of Mystery Shopping!
   A Case Study In Perfect Competition: The U.S. Bicycle Industry
   Brick-N-Mortar Niches and the Long Tail
   Eight Fatal Retail Store Entry Mistakes
   A Bright Future, But the Biggest Threats Are From Inside!
   Why Cathy Purchased a Cell Phone Instead Of a Bicycle
   Selling The Women's Market

White Papers
   The Facts Are an Agent for Change

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