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Digital signage is becoming increasingly commonplace in the consumer landscape. In fact, according to a study done by Arbitron in 2009, there were 155 million Americans age 18+ who recall seeing a digital display each month. Of particular importance to retailers is the fact that over half of all adults (53% or 123 million) have noticed a digital display in a retail environment over the past month.

Why is digital signage so important to retailers?

  • Draw people into the store with its dynamic and interactive messaging... allowing you to cross sell the full line of products and services you offer,
  • Keep customers engaged with educational, informational, and entertaining content,
  • Minimize the perceived wait time of your customers... particularly important during your heavy traffic periods,
  • Market directly to customers - inform them of special promotions and events your business supports.

Why is digital signage so important to vendors?

  • Promote your products in the retail environment when customers are ready to buy,
  • Enhance your brand image and awareness,
  • Expand your product offerings... not every retailer can carry every one of your products!

Additional research conducted by InfoTrend shows the following benefits of implementing a digital signage strategy.

  • Store traffic increases 28%
  • Average transaction value goes up 29%

Packages and Pricing

We have made available basic packages consisting of a display, mounting hardware, network adapter, and software and content subscriptions. Each package is competitively priced to provide maximum value. We also offer upgraded packages that provide additional benefits.
Click here to review our packages.

We work with Innovation Marketing Systems (IMS), a leading provider of digital hardware, software, and content solutions. To learn more about IMS, click here.

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