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Ben Serotta

Ben Serotta

Ben Serotta started selling and repairing bicycles when he was 14, opened a retail store of his own two years later, then shortly after an apprenticeship in London started building his own brand of bicycles. With numerous national and international race titles won on Serotta Competition Bicycles, the brand became internationally recognized as a pioneering innovator of the modern bicycle fitting methods and bicycle frame design and engineering. Serotta was the first builder to show that high performance, efficiency and endurance could be improved by considering rider comfort. Through proper fit, improved vibration damping and individual ‘ride-tuning’, Serotta engineering redefined personalized bicycle design, setting a high bar that no other company has matched. On top of these heralded paradigms, Serotta’s forty-five year business history covers everything from successful crisis management to proper planning and capitalization, product launches and more.

Primary Skills: Ideation, Creative Innovation
Secondary Skill: Visionary Strategy
Contributing Skills: Branding

Bill Watkins

Bill Watkins

Bill Watkins A doctor's prescription for knee rehab began eight years of competition at the highest levels of cycling. Bill was a member of the US National, US Olympic Development and US Olympic Long teams. Bill returned after a 25-year hiatus from racing to claim the Master’s National Criterium Championships in 2011. As a West Point cadet and graduate, Bill learned leadership from the best. He honed these principles for eight years as an Army Engineer officer. His leadership skills effectively crossed over into the private sector with ten years of executive stints at Mobil-Exxon and Veit, Inc..

His entrepreneurial spirit and two patents sparked Bill to grow a medical device global leader out of his garage. At the time Bill sold his stake in The Marena Group, the company operated manufacturing facilities in the USA and Latin America, employed 100+ employees, and exported to over eighty countries.
In 2011, Bill switched from cycling consumer to industry insider. He worked alongside Ben Serotta as a company consultant. He became CEO of Serotta Competition Bicycles in 2012.

Primary Skills: A-Team Development, Leadership
Secondary Skills: Operational Excellence, Profit-Making
Contributing Skills: Branding, Fluent in Spanish

Norm Tahler

Norm Tahler

Norm brings 30+ years of extensive experience in retail, sales training, management, product development as well as corporate responsibility, Norm brings his entrepreneurial and multiple business owner experience and a client centered philosophy geared to individual circumstances and business realities to his clients.

Prior to forming Tahler and Associates in 2005, Norm served as CEO of Victoria Vogue, Inc., a world leader in cosmetic accessory products, was General Manager of Sansui Electronics North America and served in various directorship positions at Emerson Radio. He also spent 3 years residing in Hong Kong, working throughout Asia as head of quality control, product category management and sales to Europe, Canada and South America.

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